Friday, 4 July 2014

Guacamelee Combines With Wordament Snap on IOS

Power WithinThat's one big Gato FritoThe session from the previous day carried into Thursday which meant more time on Guacamelee and a further five unlocks which started with That's one big Gato Frito (10G) which came after dropping the Alebrije into the Lava. Power Within (10G) popped up after completing Uay Chivo's INTENSO training.

Main Event
Pollo PowerMain Event (20G) unlocked after defeating a Skeleton-Luchador with Pollo Power (20G) popping up after becoming a Chicken.

The session ended with the unlocking of X'tabay-Bye (30G) for redeeming X'tabay. Later in they day, I spotted an IOS version of the popular game Wordament Snap Attack so downloaded it for free and had a quick go which resulted in six unlocks.

Snap SnapBonusBonus (5G) unlocked after playing on a bonus tile and was soon followed by Snap Snap (5G) for creating a multi-snap.

Lucky SevenMultilingualMultilingual (5G) unlocked after the playing the game in a different language for which I selected French and was soon joined by Lucky Seven (5G) for playing all seven tiles in a multi-snap.

Swap SnapBest PlayBest Play (5G) unlocked for creating a highest scoring snap and the final unlock of the day came in the shape of Swap Snap (5G) for using two letters in a snap to create a different snap.