Monday, 21 July 2014

FIFA 14 Completed During Busy Gaming Day

Extra Effort in FIFA 14 (Xbox One)A mixed bag of a day saw four different games provide unlocks to the Achievement chase beginning with an early morning go on FIFA 14 on the Xbox One version which saw the final available unlock achieved in the shape of Extra Effort (25G) for scoring with a first time sliding shot. This meant the game became my 34th completion and first ever FIFA completion.

Jump That Shark!Multiballular Madness!Next up was a session on Peggle 2 which took place on a new DLC pack and resulted in two unlocks starting with Multiballular Madness! (50G) for completing all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt levels with Jump That Shark! (25G) popping up after completing all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt trials.

Good StartLost and Found in Secrets and Treasure: The Lost Cities (Win 8)The afternoon featured a brief session on the Windows 8 platform beginning with a stint on Secrets and Treasure-The Lost Cities and a single unlock in the shape of  Lost and Found (10G) for completing the second map. After exiting the game, I spotted a new release in Microsoft Sudoku so downloaded and played for a bit with the first unlock being Good Start (10G) for completing the first puzzle.

Came To WinGood MemoryGood Memory (5G) unlocked after completing a puzzle without using any notes while Came To Win (15G) popped up after winning the first Daily Challenge.

Helping Hand
Just CheckingJust Checking (5G) unlocked after using Show All Notes and then using Erase Notes with no actions inbetween with Helping Hand (5G) popping up for solving a puzzle using all three guide types and consuming all possible hints.