Monday, 21 July 2014

Peggle 2 Ahead of Guacamelee/Dead Rising 3

SSSSlide in Peggle 2 (Xbox One)July 12th saw a very brief gaming session so is featured in this double post as a quick go on Peggle 2 resulted in the unlocking of SSSSlide (25G) for completing every trial in Winter Blunderland. 

I swat youLicking his WoundsThe following day saw a split between two games on the Xbox One beginning with Guacamelee which featured nine unlocks beginning with Licking His Wounds (30G) for besting Jaguar Javier in hand-to-paw combat which was soon followed by I Swat You (10G) for defeating a Chupacabra using only Slam.

I Have The PowerNooks and CranniesNooks and Crannies (20G) unlocked after finding 100% of the Hidden Items in a single area with I Have The Power (20G) for purchasing 20 upgrades from the Shop. 

Boom-Shack-CalacaThat was INTENSEThat Was INTENSE (50G) unlocked after killing 20 enemies in a single INTENSO sequence and was swiftly followed by Boom-Shack-Calaca (25G) for defeating Calaca.

Combo NerdThe Devil wears Revenge!The Devil wears Revenge! (30G) unlocked after defeating Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit while Combo Nerd (20G) popped up after achieving a 125 hit combo.

District WizardCock of the WalkThe session ended with Cock of the Walk (10G) for defeating an enemy using a Pollo Bomb.The next session took place on Dead Rising 3 and resulted in two unlocks beginning with District Wizard (50G) for achieving an S ranks on all four districts.

Kill Screen Coming UpKill Screen Coming Up (10G) unlocked for clearing South Almuda and completed a very productive day.