Monday, 21 July 2014

Babel Rising 3D Mixes with Xbox One Trio

Falling Stone in Babel Rising 3D (Win 8)July 14th featured a brief session on Babel Rising 3D in order to continue the Achievement Chase and resulted in the single unlock of Falling Stone (10G) for crushing 20 workers with a single boulder.

Up and ComerGold MedalistThe following day saw a trio of sessions on the Xbox One beginning with the long-awaited return to Forza Motorsport 5 which saw four unlocks commencing with Gold Medallist (5G) for earning five gold medals in Career events followed by Up and Comer (10G) for reaching Driver Level 3.

Semi-ProGold FeverGold Fever (10G) unlocked after achieving 10 gold medals in Career events with Semi-Pro (10G) popping up for reaching Driver Level 5.

Arcade CollectorAll Four WonA brief session on Dead Rising 3 contained two unlocks starting with All Four Won (10G) for completing a district with four players while Arcade Collector (50G) popped up after finding all eight arcade cabinets.

Drop That GnomeThe Last SecondThe night ended with a session on Plants v Zombies Garden Warfare featuring two unlocks starting with The Last Second (25G) for defusing a Gnome Bomb with less than three seconds remaining with the final unlock of the day coming in the form of Drop That Gnome (20G) for vanquishing 10 enemies in possession of the Gnome Bomb.