Thursday, 31 July 2014

AlphaJax Begins Eighth Year

It is hard to believe that I have been an Xbox gamer for seven full years since my first ever game and achievement back on July 26 2007 which came on Burnout Revenge, a game I looked to get an achievement on seven years apart but due to an Xbox Live problem was unable to. However, the day began with a completion in the form of AlphaJax.
Anodyne Supremacy in AlphaJax (Win 8)Anodyne Supremacy (10G) unlocked for scoring a word worth more than 100 points and did so with the help of my friend Tonyboykid and the game became my 35th completion, 10th of 2014 and 20th arcade completion.

Swiped clean! in Rayman LegendsCast MemberA quick stint on Rayman Legends on the 360 resulted in a single unlock in the shape of Swiped clean! (30G) for saving all the Teensies in a world to unlock a Diamond Cup. Next up was the latest Games With Gold title in the form of Battleblock Theater which resulted in five unlocks beginning with Cast Member (5G) for completing the opening sequence in any mode.

Black MarketeerNailfile CakeNailfile Cake (5G) popped up for freeing a prisoner and was soon followed by Black Marketeer (5G) for getting a new weapon.

Prison FoodSecret Finder Secret Finder (10G) unlocked for finding a secret level and the days ended with the popping up of Prison Food (5G) for being eaten alive.