Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Ends With Minecraft

After finishing Deadlight, I moved on to a new game I had on my to-do shelf in the shape of Minecraft and after getting to grips with the premise of the game came away with ten unlocks on what is a very interesting game.

Getting WoodTaking InventoryTaking Inventory (10G) unlocked after performing the simple task of opening the inventory and was soon followed by Getting Wood (10G) for punching a tree and receiving a block of wood.

Time to Farm!BenchmarkingBenchmarking (10G) unlocked after crafting a workbench using four blocks of wooden planks with Time to Farm! (10G) popping up after combining planks and sticks to create a hoe.

Time to Mine!Cow TipperTime to Mine! (10G) unlocked after combining planks and sticks to make a pickaxe and was swiftly followed by Cow Tipper (15G) for harvesting some leather.

Time to Strike!MOAR ToolsMOAR Tools (15G) unlocked after constructing one type of each tool and was soon joined by Time to Strike! (10G) for combining planks and sticks to create a sword.

Getting an UpgradeMonster HunterMonster Hunter (20G) unlocked after attacking and destroying a monster with the session coming to end after Getting an Upgrade (15G) popped up for constructing a better pickaxe.