Saturday, 1 December 2012

Windows 8 Gaming Afternoon

With an afternoon free I decided to try and improve my achievement score on the Windows 8 games which started with a quick go on Angry Birds Star Wars which saw a solitary unlock in the form of Simple Pigs and Nonsense (10G) for popping 300 Stormtroopers.

Onto Shark Dash and after an hour of playing I had unlocked all of the remaining eight achievements making it my 7th completed game of 2012 and 15th overall.

Sprayfish PartySprayfish PartyA Little Nudge (10G) unlocked for making a shark jump by hitting him from below and Cutter Shark (10G) popped up for cutting three bath chains in a single shot.

Sprayfish PartySprayfish PartyDrying in the Sun (15G) unlocked for being outside the water for more than seven seconds while I am Iron Head (10G) popped up for receiving three impacts in the same shot.

Sprayfish PartySprayfish PartySprayFish Party (15G) unlocked for activating three spray-fish in one shot and Party Popper (15G) popped up for destroying three inflatables in one shot.

Sprayfish PartySprayfish PartyCome To Poppa (15G) unlocked for having three ducks jump right into the shark's mouth consecutively and the final achievement was Deep Blue (10G) for eating six ducks underwater in a single shot.

The afternoon ended with a quick go on Microsoft Minesweeper and a single unlock in the shape of Good Memory (20G) for completing a minefield for the first time without using any flags.