Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shark Dash Speeds In

A new game (Shark Dash) popped up on the Windows 8 Marketplace at £1.39 so at that price worth buying especially for 20 achievements which all have the same icon funnily enough.

Hungry (5G) unlocked for eating three ducks in a single shot and swiftly followed by Duck Meet Mouth (5G) after a duck jumped directly into the shark's mouth.

Rubber Ring (5G) unlocked for basically jumping through a rubber ring and Inflatable Explosion (5G) blew in for making an inflatable block explode.

Underwater Pop (5G) popped up for releasing a duck from its underwater bubble and MVP Shark (10G) unlocked for propelling a ball through a rubber ring.

Shark Got Bounce (15G) bumped in for bouncing around at least seven times during a single shot while Fireworks! (10G) exploded in for destroying seven mines consecutively.

Bursting Bubbles (10G) unlocked for popping at least nine bubbles in a single shot and Dizzy Block (10G) popped up or making a single block rotate over 1000 degrees.

Block Overboard! (10G) unlocked for launching a block out of the bathtub and followed by Liberation (5G) for releasing a shark and returning him to the water.