Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nike+ Starts Program 2 While Family Guy Continues.

Program 2 begins tomorrow so in order to prepare I was required to do a fitness challenge and try to improve my fuel print. Success meant I unlocked The Numbers Don't Lie (25G) for improving my fuel print.

Employee of the MonthLong John Peter Achievement in Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseOnto Family Guy and another level completed meaning the unlock of Long John Peter (20G) for completing the level 'Long John Peter'.Employee of the Month (20G) popped up for killing Vernon.

Penny PincherBoom HeadshotBoom Headshot (15G) unlocked for killing 75 enemies with headshots and Penny Pincher (40G) unlocked for earning a total of $50,000 in story mode.

Justified (40G) unlocked for killing 500 enemies as Brian while Stewie-nator (40G) popped up for killing 500 enemies with Stewie.

Santa's SweatshopSanta's Sweatshop (20G) unlocked for completing the level ' Santa's Sweatshop and took the Tuesday total to seven achievements and 33 on the game itself after 22 in the last 24 hours.