Monday, 3 December 2012

Family Guy Goes Evil

Pervert Achievement in Family Guy: Back to the MultiversePussy WhippedAnother level done on Family Guy - Back To The Multiverse and unlocked Pussy Whipped (20G) for completing the level 'Pussy Whipped'. Pervert (10G) unlocked by luck as it came for staying in the room with Quagmire dressed as a baby for 30 seconds as is shown below.

No Cheese, Please Achievement in Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseNo Cheese, Please (20G) popped up for completing the level '  No Cheese, Please and came after the midnight cut off for Sunday.
Next went on to Multiplayer and got a double unlock of 2 for 40G,Grease Can't Save You NowLockdown Lockdown (20G) for shutting out the other team from scoring in "Capture the Greased-Up Deaf Guy" and Grease Can't Save You Now (20G) for winning a "Capture the Greased-Up Deaf Guy" match. 

Bird is the WordMr. UnpopularMr Unpopular (5G) popped up for choosing Meg in a multiplayer match and Bird is the Word (10G) unlocked for taunting five times with Peter. 
First KillShut Up Meg Shut Up Meg (5G) popped up for killing Meg in a multiplayer match and because of that First Kill (10G) unlocked for the first kill of an opposing team member in multiplayer.
Teabaggin'The CleanerTeabaggin' (15G) unlocked for taunting 25 times in a multiplayer match and The Cleaner (30G) popped up for reaching 10 kill streak in Deathmatch.
Bestest Infiltrator Achievement in Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseKings of QuahogKings of Quahog (20G) unlocked for winning a Deathmatch and took the days haul to 10 achievements in under 2 hours of Monday. Bestest Infiltrator (20G) unlocked for winning an Infiltrator match. 

We Be ClubbingDay LaborDay Labor (15G) popped up for destroying all of the pi├▒atas in the 'Its All Greek to Me' level and We Be Clubbing (15G) unlocked for defeating ten enemies with a melee weapon. 

RoadhouseTeabag a D-BagTeabag a D-bag (5G) unlocked for taunting a dead opponent with Quagmire in multiplayer while Roadhouse (15G) kicked in for defeating 3 members of the opposing team with a melee weapon in multiplayer.

A very successful four hours since 11pm Sunday night which heralded 17 achievements for a total of  255G. As for Monday itself, 15 unlocks in such a short time I think is a record for me.