Friday, 7 December 2012

Kinect Playfit Burns Some Calories

Since its release a couple of months ago I forgot I had downloaded Kinect Playfit which is a hub for various games which involve exercising and with having played a lot of Nike+ Kinect recently I decided to see if any achievements had unlocked. Launching the hub, four achievements popped up as follows...

10K Run5K Jog5k Jog (5G) unlocked for burning 300 calories and was soon joined by 10k Run (10G) popped up for burning 600 calories.   

Sight-SeerHalf-Marathon Half-Marathon (10G) unlocked for burning 1300 calories and swiftly followed by Sight-Seer (5G) popped up for burning 100 calories on two kinect games (Nike+ and DC3).