Friday, 28 December 2012

Rugby League Live 2 Kicks Off While Nike+ Kinect Continues

Due to having a busy work week over Christmas i have fallen behind in the blog so now have ample time to get myself back into sync.
19th December 

Frankenstein Achievement in Rugby League Live 2Just for Kicks Achievement in Nike+ Kinect TrainingAnother new game in Rugby League Live 2 and an early unlock in Frankenstein (15G) for creating a player in the Footy Factory and a solitary unlock on Nike+ Kinect as Just For Kicks (15G) popped up for kicking four soccer balls in a Dodgeball drill.

20th December 

Burger Burn Achievement in Nike+ Kinect TrainingNike+ Kinect saw a solitary unlock in Burger Burn (20G) for successfully burning 3000 calories.

22nd December

MiserlyBack-to-BackRugby League Live 2 saw six unlocks which began with Back-to Back (90G) for scoring tries in consecutive sets and Miserly (15G) for keeping the opposition in their half for 65% overall in a game.

Coach PleaserWinnersWinners (15G) unlocked for successfully winning a match and Coach Pleaser (15G) popped up for achieving an 80% completion rate in a game.

Hat Trick
StreakyHat Trick (30G) unlocked for scoring a hat trick with a player while Streaky (30G) popped up for winning three consecutive matches in a season.

Over the Hump Achievement in Kinect PlayFitKinect Playfit saw a solitary unlock in Over The Hump (10G) for hitting a daily streak of four.

23rd December

Forward ThinkingUnstoppableRugby League Live 2 saw three unlocks beginning with Forward Thinking (15G) for converting a try with a forward while Unstoppable (15G) popped up for scoring then tries in a match.

Line BallLine Ball (15G) unlocked for converting a try from the sideline.

25th December
Magnificent Seven Achievement in Kinect PlayFit
Kinect Playfit saw a single unlock in Magnificent Seven (10G) unlocking after hitting a daily streak of seven.

26th December

Decathlete Achievement in Nike+ Kinect TrainingNike+ Kinect saw a solitary unlock in the shape of Decathlete (25G) for participating in ten challenge drills and the unlock heralded a new milestone by reaching 90,000 True Achievement score.