Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nike+ Enters Week 4 As Family Guy Starts The Road To The Multiverse

Into the final week of the first program on Nike+ Kinect and two unlocks in Strike a Pose (15G) for dodging two consecutive walls in Split Decision without moving and Drill Sergeant (30G) for participating in 5 Take on the World drills. 

Another new game in the form of Family Guy Back To The Multiverse which in online reviews has been panned at 6/10 but in playing it for an hour or so, I quite liked it but that maybe a bias with being a fan of the TV show.

 In the inaugural play, there were five unlocks which began with One Shot Kills (5G) for basically killing an enemy with one shot and Head Shot (5G) popped up for killing an enemy with a single shot to the head.

Multi-kill with a grenade (15G) unlocked for a multi-kill with a grenade and soon joined by How Do I Jump? (5G) for suicide with a grenade or satchel charge.

All of the above were achieved on the first level of the story mode which when completed saw It's All Greek To Me (20G) unlock for completing the first level - 'It's All Greek To Me'.