Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sleeping Dogs Reawakens

Back to try and further the achievement chase on Sleeping Dogs and an early unlock in Event Driven (20G) for completing half of the open world events.Later on Golden Touch (30G) unlocked for achieving 15 Gold Stat awards.

Great Face (50G) soon unlocked for reaching Face level 10 which has taken a lot of fighting and missions to reach. Super Cop (15G) popped up for achieving Cop level 10 and as such unlocking the final cop upgrade.

Ultimate Fighter (15G) followed for reaching the Triad level 10 and unlocking the final Triad upgrade. Tuesday began with Bounty Hunter (20G) for completing all of Roland's jobs.

Foodie (10G) unlocked courtesy of a Fish Dumpling skewer which was the last of 10 snacks needed for the achievement. Mr Nice Guy (30G) swiftly followed for completing all favors.