Monday, 8 October 2012

Angry Birds Smashes Scenery

An afternoon on Angry Birds Trilogy saw some high ranks on the second Rio episode with one as high as 34th and another at 82nd. However, three unlocks came in the final levels of the episode as IceBreaker (20G) unlocked by smashing a total of 5000 ice blocks on the game and the final level, Scramble (20G) unlocked for having five birds active at the same time and the guide on how to unlock Scramble is below.

As the level finished that was the end of the episode and meant that Completed Jungle Escape (15G) unlocked for completing Rio episode 2. Within 3 levels on Episode 3, Splash Of Flavor (10G) unlocked for collecting 10 Rio Fruits.

  Completed Beach Volley (15G) for completing Rio Episode 3 unlocked less than an hour after leaving episode 2. Voyager (30G) popped up next for launching a total of 5000 birds and that was the final unlock of the day.