Sunday, 28 October 2012

Forza Horizon Hits The Road While Solitaire Deals The Cards

Another new game in Forza Horizon, a game based on the Horizon festival of Colorado.

The first unlock was Welcome to Horizon (10G) for reaching the Horizon festival successfully and was swiftly followed by ...and across the line! (10G) for competing in my first race at Horizon.

First (20G) came for winning my first race which was in my debut race and A Wristed Development (20G) unlocked after the award of my Yellow Wristband.

Take her for a Spin! (15G) came after purchasing a car from the Autoshow and was soon joined by Born Slippy (10G) popped up for winning my first mixed-surface race.

Later on I went on Microsoft Solitaire Collection and secured the final of the three achievements in the shape of Well Played (10G) for securing my first win on the collection.

This meant it became by 13th completed game overall but with the impending DLC for Sleeping Dogs, MSC sits as number 12 with Sleeping Dogs likely to become the 13th later in the week.