Monday, 15 October 2012

Sleeping Dogs Reaches The End

An afternoon go to replay missions/events to claim the final achievements and with the help of a briefcase, Whatever's Handy (15G) unlocked for using 10 different melee weapons and left four to go on the achievement chase. Solid Silver (35G) popped up after reaching 30 Silver Stat awards.

Auto Enthusiast (10G) drove in for purchasing all vehicles and was soon joined by Fashion Victim (15G) for purchasing all clothing and this left only one more achievement.

Pure Gold (60G) sealed the 100% completion of the achievements and came after reaching all 30 Gold Stat awards with the final awards being the Gambler award.

The final chase meant Sleeping Dogs became my 12th completed game since July 2007 and the 5th in 2012 so far.