Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dance Central 3 Hits The Floor

Another new game in the shape of Dance Central 3 and a quick unlock in Best Practices (15G) for beating the high score on a song after rehearsing it first. Go Shorty (15G) unlocked next for performing 'In Da Club' on a character's birthday so I chose Miss Aubrey as today is her day.

First Degree Burn (15G) ignited for burning at least 100 calories in any game mode and was then joined by a double unlock of  Worth A Thousand Words (15G) and We're Friends, Right? (20G) for sharing a photo online and doing it via Facebook. 

Dig In Deep (10G) unlocked for successfully changing the sorting on the song select screen from skill to alphabetical.

Just Pick Something! (10G) unlocked for skipping five songs on Party Mode. Up All Night (25G) popped up after beginning a party before midnight and playing on until the next day.