Monday, 8 October 2012

Angry Birds Parades Through Rio And The Seasons.

After smashing through two full Rio episodes yesterday, today continued the trend as Completed Carnival Upheaval (15G) unlocked rapidly for completing Rio episode four. Gravel Factory (20G) popped up next for smashing 5000 stone blocks.

Stardust (30G) was then unlocked for earning 500 stars which has taken a long time to reach. In the afternoon, Completed Danger Above (15G) unlocked for completing Classic episode 3.

Egg Hunter (10G) popped up after finding five Golden Eggs and  Completed Hogs And Kisses (15G) unlocked next for completing Seasons episode three, one and two are proving difficult to finish but three was a breeze and with that achievement I have reached 29/50.
Next in the disc tray is Sleeping Dogs.