Friday, 28 February 2014

Vancouver Slopes with XBLA

Best With FriendsStyle RunAfter enjoying the 2014 Winter Games, I felt encouraged to return to Vancouver 2010 and I am glad I did as I scored seven unlocks beginning with Style Run (10G) for completing the Style Run challenge with Best With Friends (20G) popping up for playing a four player game. 
In The 80’s 
Mountain ClimberMountain Climber (30G) slid in after unlocking the Intermediate challenge mountain while In The 80's (10G) popped up after completing the In The 80's challenge. 

Save The SnowmenAir PlayAir Play (20G) unlocked for completing the Air Play challengeand was swiftly followed by Save The Snowman (20G) for completing the Save The Snowman challenge. 

Supersonic in Vancouver 2010Pixie Pesterer in Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures (Win 8)The session ended with Supersonic (20G) unlocking for completing the Supersonic challenge and next up was a quick go on Disney Fairies H T and a single unlock in the shape of Pixie Pesterer (5G) for bothering Tink by tapping her nose five times in succession. 

Close ShaveSoil Your PlantsOnto the arcade and the debut of Plants vs Zombies with three unlocks beginning with Soil Your Plants (10G) for planting ten Peashooters with Close Shave (15G) popping up after winning a level with all five lawnmowers having been utilised. 

No ProblemoNom Nom NomNom Nom Nom (10G) unlocked after stopping the Horde using only the Chomper, Wallnut and Sunflower, the night ended with a session on Trials Evolution and the solitary unlocking of No Problemo (10G) for passing the D License and earning the first bike.