Friday, 21 February 2014

Lego Movie Builds As Glacier Blast Continues

How many of these are selfies? in OneDriveThe Solver in Glacier Blast (Win 8)The day began with a quick go on Glacier Blast with the unlocking of The Solver (5G) for breaking 300 Puzzle tiles while the re-branding of SkyDrive saw achievements added to the newly named OneDrive which saw the first 'app' unlock of 2014 as How many of these are selfies? (0G) for viewing ten photos from my camera roll.

No Frowny FacesRest In PiecesThe early evening saw a long session on Lego Movie with 12 unlocks which began with Rest In Pieces (20G) for completing the fifth level - Escape From Flatbush and next up was No Frowny Faces (20G) for completing the sixth level - Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land.

The Opposite of HappinessI Am The ComputerI Am The Computer (20G) unlocked after collecting all the studs in a hacking mini-game with The Opposite of Happiness (20G) popped up for defeating 20 enemies as Rage Unikitty.

You Can't Build 'Em All At OnceEvery Man For Himself!Every Man For Himself (20G) unlocked after completing level seven - Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land while You Can't Build 'Em All At Once (20G) popped up for completing level eight - Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land.

A House DividedWhy Are My Pants Cold And Wet?Why Are My Pants Cold And Wet? (20G) unlocked after completing level nine - The  Depths with A House Divided (5G) popped up after unlocking and playing using Abraham Lincoln and Lady Liberty.

This Bedoubled Land CouchReally hard? This be Impossible!Really Hard? This be Impossible! (20G) unlocked for destroying 50 enemies as Metalbeard with This Bedoubled Land Couch (20G) popped up for completing level ten - Infiltrate the Octan Tower.

END OF THE LINE!Always Read The Instructions!Always Read The Instructions! (30G) unlocked for completing all Instruction Builds in Story mode and the night ended with END OF THE LINE! (10G) after shooting Emmet with a Robo Skeleton.