Saturday, 1 February 2014

January 2014 Summary

After a brilliant end to 2013 which saw a new record set, 2014 has continued the trend with the best ever January on all fronts.

The new setup of how and when I play games has led to a first ever century of unlocks in January which alone beats the haul between Jan-May 2013.

The rise has come mainly due to currently being out of work so when I get back into a job, the playtime will decrease naturally.

January 2014 (2013 in brackets)

158 Achievements unlocked (44)
31 Games played  (8)

4991 TA points (862) 
2920 Gamerscore (650)

A spectacular start to the year which has continued the success from the back end of 2013 and means this year could be the first where all goals are reached.