Monday, 17 February 2014

GTA V Single Player Reaches 100% As Streak Goes To 50

From Beyond the StarsSan Andreas SightseerAfter what has been a massive effort over the past week, finally I can say there have been more than two unlocks on GTA V in a single day as today not only saw the completion reach the magical 100%  but a total of four unlocks which began with San Andreas Sightseer (30G) for exploring all of Los Santos and Blaine County. From Beyond the Stars (15G) popped up after collecting and returning all 50 Spaceship parts.

Career CriminalA Mystery, SolvedA Mystery, Solved (15G) unlocked for solving the mystery of Leonora Johnson which included collecting 50 Letter scrapsand then came the illusive 100G unlock -  Career Criminal (100G) for attaining 100% game completion and completed what is my 50th day in my current achievement streak, only nine short of equalling my best of 59 days from Oct-Dec 2013.