Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lego Movie/Powerstar Golf Set Records

Everything Is Awesome! in The LEGO Movie Videogame (Xbox One)Midas TouchA quick session on Lego Movie saw the final two unlocks needed for total completion and my first ever Xbox One completion while being the 27th overall. Midas Touch (20G) for completing all of the Golden Instruction builds with the record-setting final achievement being Everything Is Awesome (100G) for achieving 100% completion.

Record BreakerRival RouserNext up was a brief session on Powerstar Golf with three unlocks popping up beginning with Rival Rouser (30G) for beating an opponent's round in Rival mode while Record Breaker (30G) unlocked for setting a new shot record on the City Park, Rocky Ridge, Emperor's Garden and Burning Sands courses.

BallisticThe record-breaking session ended with Ballistic (10G) for hitting the ball over 300 yards using Frank's 'Rocket Launch' ability. Aside from the first Xbox One completion, the day was a record day as it meant the current achievement streak became the longest at total of 60 days although achievement wise a bit behind with 250 (297 in 59 days).

The positive is that the previously longer streak was done when I first got the Xbox One so the 47 unlock gap can is expected when December '13 was the best ever month and the next target is to get to 300 inside 75 days so 50 in 15 days.