Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lego Movie Customises With Accuracy

SPACESHIP SPACESHIP!See You Later AlligatorA long session on Lego Movie saw six unlocks beginning with See You Later Alligator (20G) for completing the eleventh level - Put The Thing On The Thing while SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! (10G) popped up for completing all the Master Builds in the server room as Benny.

Wear Clothes… Check!Found Your Pants, Series is OverFound Your Pants, Series is Over (20G) unlocked for completing the twelfth level Broadcast News while Wear Clothes... Check! (5G) popped up after customising a character.

Grrrg!FirestarterFirestarter (20G) unlocked for starting a fire while Grrrg! (10G) popped up for smashing a chair while controlling the Bad Cop.