Thursday, 5 July 2012

London 2012 going for gold on Independence Day

An afternoon burst began with the Super Fish achievement for 30G for gold in all swimming events followed by Leaping Legend for 30G for gold in all jumping events.

Next up Quick and Painful for 15G for hitting the final hurdle and still winning a medal (Gold) and next was the Running Man for getting gold in all track events for 30G.

Flipping Fantastic for 30G vaulted in for golds in all gymnastic events and splashing in next is No Splash for a further 30G for a 10.0 in a dive.

Team Spirit synchronised in for 15G for beating an original personal best in a team event followed by Team Player for 30G for 3 golds in team events.

Friendly Competition added to a great afternoon hit so far for 15G for a four player event. Total Shutout came next for winning a Table Tennis match 7-0,7-0 for 30G.

They were soon joined by Superb Serving for 10 Career Aces for 10G and Game Set and Match for 30G for golds in Volleyball/Table Tennis.

Tea break then a rapid resume for Aimbot for 30G for all 10's in a Rapid Fire round which led to Sharpshooter for golds in Rapid Fire and Skeet for 30G taking me over 400G for the day!

Next I went online and got the Represent achievement for 15G for competing for  National Pride then a break for 2 hours.

Achievement chase slightly on hold as in going back on London 2012 a message popped up saying my game progress had been reset meaning I will have to redo Olympic mode on medium to unlock hard difficulty and also redo every event twice for the personal best achievement and typical just as I was close to this being my best day for TA ever it'll be 3rd now barring a miracle which sadly didn't occur but overall i've ended today with 18 achievements 757 TA and 425G = my best day since April 2011.