Monday, 16 July 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw gains momentum

An afternoon shift on Lollipop Chainsaw began with Juliet51 (15G) for 51 successful dropkicks and soon joined by Rich Hunter (10G) unlocked for gaining 1000 medals.

Smashing in next is Accidental Vandalism (10G) for destroying 300 objects in the game with Groovy Hunter (10G) next for killing 500 zombies.

Pulp Fiction inspired 'Zed's Dead, Baby, Zed's Dead (15G) for slaughtering Zed came next with Leapfrog Girl(10G) jumping in for 10 consecutive leapfrogs.

Gunn Struck (10G) shocked in next for suffering 10 strikes of lightning
 on Stage 2 which was quite difficult as it needs perfect timing.

Cheerleader Overboard (10G) arrived for being knocked overboard the ship vs Vikke and in defeating him,Viking Metal Rules (15G) unlocked to complete Stage 2 and ended todays play.