Monday, 16 July 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw cheers for success

An Afternoon shift began with Disco's Dead (15G) for outplaying Josey at the end of Stage 4. A surprising unlock of Sparkle Hunting Master (10G) starred with the killing of seven zombies in Sparkle Hunting a surprise as I didnt even see seven there I just attacked the lot.

Demolising the zombie led to Little Sisters Are The Worst (15G) for avoiding Rosalind's wrecking ball. Elephant Tamer (10G) took sometime but successful in 10 counters against Lewis.

Rock'n Roll Isn't Here Anymore (15G) for defeating Lewis and finally I have broken a top score causing Excellent Zombie Hunter (30G) to unlock for Stage 5's highest score just a shame it took till now to break one!

Back to Stage 1 to pickup the missing classmates and got Watch Out For The Balls (10G) for dodging and countering Zed's electric balls 15 times follwoed by a break after doing a 6 hour shift.