Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jan-June Summary

When I began this blog I set out two main goals for the year from January which were:

  • Reach a total of 5000 achievements 
  • Reach 100,000 gamerscore
In March the following goal was added to the list: 
  • Reach 100,000 True Achievement score. 

This month the progress has been limited with other things going on in my life and also the difficulty of getting achievements on some of the A-Z games such as Beijing 2008 and Bejeweled.This saw over a week containing less than 10 achievements and has left June with 44 Achievements for only 825G.

 As today is July 1st (the halfway point of 2012) the goals are a long way from being reached but there are a lot of games to get through and some with masses of 'easy' acheivements to unlock.

Goal        Current    Gap
5000         3020      (1980 Achs)
100000     58070    (41,980 G)
100000     76555    (23445 TA)