Sunday, 1 July 2012

London 2012 begins on July 1st

After a long run on Bioshock, London 2012 is next as I break away from the A-Z for a new game and began with the My Way achievement for 5G followed by World Champion for 15G for my first world record which came in the Shot Put event.

Next unlocked was Human Catapult for 30G for receiving a gold medal in all throwing events. The Contender for 10G came next for qualifying for a final.

Foul Play was the next to be unlocked for 10G for 30 fouls in Field events with the last in the Long Jump final and the result saw me get the Get Gold Achievement for 10G a gold medal in the aforementioned final.

A little later a shock as I received the Never Touched The Sides achievement for 15 G, it was a shock because on previous Olympic Games, the Kayaking event was the worst event for me and not once did I even finish above last place never mind qualifying in 1st for the final! ( Silver medal in the final)

Next event was the Archery qualifying and hit the Hows That?! for 20G for hitting a Bullseye and ended with the Self Improvement achievement for 20G for retrying the final and finishing 3rd instead of the original 4th. Then off to watch the Euro 2012 Final.