Thursday, 28 November 2013

Xbox Music Snaps WIth Dead Rising 3

SlothfulSideswipedDead Rising 3 continued to gain playtime on the Xbox One with three more unlocks beginning with Sidewsiped (10G) for completing 20 side missions while Slothful (25G) came after defeating the Psycho called Theodore.
Welcome To The Jungle
Fashion PlateFashion Plate 5G) came after collecting 100 clothing items but the unlocking was twofold last night as while playing DR3, I had Xbox Music 'snapped' next to the game and while listening to a variety of music which resulted in four unlocks but for no gamerscore with them being on an app rather than a game.

Same Old Song and DanceCan't Touch This Welcome To The Jungle came for listening to ten songs and was soon joined by Same Old Song and Dance for toggling repeat ten times.Can't Touch This unlocked for using voice control to control playback ten times.

Finally, The Gambler unlocked for toggling shuffle ten times to cap off a decent day for achievements and brings the current streak to 185 in 40 days.