Monday, 25 November 2013

Madden 25 And FIFA 14 Score Unlocks

It's Still EasyFlying SoloA split playing session began with Madden 25 which is graphically stunning and a joy to play, I scored three unlocks in this session along with two challenges and they began with Flying Solo (20G) for winning a MUT solo challenge and swiftly followed by It's Still Easy (5G) for creating a MUT team.

Arms Length Away

I Was There in Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One)Welcome to the New Generation in Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One)Arms Length Away (25G) pushed in for stiff arming a defender during a single run and the two challenges earned began with Welcome to the New Generation  for completing a game during the launch month while I Was There came for completing a game inside two weeks after launch.

Seconds, PleasePower and MovementFIFA 14 was up next and also scored three unlocks which began with Power and Movement (10G) for scoring with a Curling Lace shot while Seconds, Please (10G) popped up for winning the ball back with a Second Chance tackle.

Who Needs a Weak Foot?Who Needs a Weak Foot? (10G) unlocked for scoring with an Outside of the Foot Shot.