Thursday, 14 November 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Smashes

That's No MoonJedi KnightA three hour session on Angry Birds Star Wars saw six unlocks which brought up the 4250th achievement while continuing the streak which now sits at 26 days totalling 108 achievements and the unlocking which began with Jedi Knight (15G) for using a saber to smash 500 blocks while That's No Moon (15G) shone in for completing Tattooine.

Skilled PilotFalcon EscapeFalcon Escape (15G) unlocked for causing 100% destruction with a Mighty Falcon while Skilled Pilot (20G) flew in for using the Pilot to smash 500 blocks.

Walking CarpetImperial EntanglementImperial Entanglement (15G) unlocked for popping a Stormtrooper with the tip of a Tie Fighter's wing and finally Walking Carpet (20G) popped up for getting six direct hits on Chewbacca from the same turret.