Sunday, 10 November 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Collects

Prominent JediThe Birds Will Be With YouA good couple of hours on Angry Birds Star Wars saw a brilliant haul of nine achievements which began with The Birds Will Be With You (20G) for completing ten level using only one bird while Prominent Jedi (15G) popped up for deflecting three laser with a single saber swing.

Simple Pigs and NonsenseLack of FaithLack of Faith (15G) unlocked for 100 level restarts while Simple Pigs and Nonsense (20G) popped up for popping a total of 300 Stormtroopers.

Mighty LaunchProbe ExplorerProbe Explorer (15G) unlocked for finding the first droid level which was swiftly followed by Mighty Launch (15G) popped up for launching a Mighty Falcon.

There is no try
Target ShooterTarget Shooter (15G) unlocked for shooting three pigs with a single blaster shot while There is no Try (20G) popped up for playing a multiplayer game with four people.

Well, look at you! Finally unlocking was Well, look at you! (15G) unlocked for earning my first bonus score in a multiplayer match.