Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dead Rising 3 Kills And Thrills

Zombie Killer
Local HeroAfter great games so far in the Dead Rising franchise, my hopes were high for the next-gen release of Dead Rising 3 and how amazingly it proved to be as I played early morning and later in the evening pulling in 18 unlocks to put the Achievement streak to 165 in 38 days (excludes 5 challenges) and began with Zombie Killer (5G) for killing 100 zombies while Local Hero (5G) popped up for saving a stranded survivor.

PlannerA Little Ambition
A Little Ambition (5G) unlocked for purchasing an attribute and was swiftly joined by Planner (15G) for collecting five blueprints.

WrathfulApprenticeApprentice (5G) qualified for reaching level five while Wrathful (25G) popped up for completing the first Psycho - Zhi.

Zombie ButcherStarterStarter (10G) unlocked for completing the first chapter strangely named - Chapter 0 and soon Zombie Butcher (10G) sliced in for killing 1000 zombies.

Ladder ClimberQuarantinedQuarantined (10G) unlocked for successfully completing chapter one while Ladder Climber (10G) popped up for purchasing ten attributes.

CustomizerMorgue-ified (10G) unlocked for completing chapter two and was soon followed by Customizer (10G) for creating five combo vehicles.

Man of the People
DrivenDriven (5G) shifted in for collecting 20 vehicles in the vehicle lot while Man of the People (10G) popped up for successfully saving 15 stranded survivors.

GreedyJourneymanJourneyman (20G) travelled in for collecting 25 blueprints and soon in came Greedy (25G) for defeating the Psycho known as Albert.

GluttonousZombie SlayerZombie Slayer (15G) unlocked for killing a massive haul of 10,000 zombies and the night ended with Gluttonous (25G) for killing the Psycho known as Darlene.

 Two challenged were earned which were Zombie Massacre for massacring 5,000 zombies and Dead Driving for killing 10,000 zombies using vehicles.
Zombie Massacre in Dead Rising 3

Dead Driving in Dead Rising 3