Friday, 30 January 2015

Backlog Enters 2015

After a superb 2014, a new Achievement chase began in 2015 with a new line-up of goals including reaching 200,000 TA points, 7,500 achievements and 125,000 G.

If You Build Them Staffing UpThe chase began with New Year's Day session on Zoo Tycoon (X1) which saw a quartet of unlocks starting off with If You Build Them (10G) after building the first exhibit. Staffing Up (5G) popped up after hiring a member of staff.

We Can Make it BetterYou're Gonna Eat Lightnin'You're Gonna Eat Lightnin' (10G) thundered in after training a member of staff up to level three which led to the popping up of We Can Make it Better (5G) for upgrading an attraction .

Giant Killer in FIFA 09Upgrading is for Winners in Zoo TycoonThe session carried into the following day with a single unlock in the form of Upgrading is for Winners (10G) for upgrading an attraction to level three. January 3rd saw a the first sporting unlock of the year after a play on FIFA09 (X360) which saw the popping up of Giant Killer (15G) for beating a five star team with a half star team.

Viva VarietyCollector's ItemThe first exercise routine of 2015 came on January 4th with a session on Dance Central Spotlight (X1) featuring a quintet of unlocks kicking-off with Collector's Item (30G) for collecting a move which was soon followed by Viva Variety (20G) after unlocking an Alternate routine.

Lap of DeLuxuryStandardized TestingStandardized Testing (10G) unlocked after unlocking a Standard routine which was instantly followed by Lap of DeLuxury (15G) for unlocking a Deluxe routine.

BestiesCharacter AssassinThe day ended with the popping up of Character Assassin (20G) for switching between dancer characters and with the session continuing into the next day, four further unlocks arrived starting with Besties (30G) for using the same character 10 times.

Classic AubreyBeginner's LuckBeginner's Luck (20G) popped up after playing every Beginner routine and was joined by Classic Aubrey (20G) for playing a Classic routine with Aubrey.

Talent Scout in TwitchThe FavoriteThe session ended when The Favourite (20G) popped up after playing the same song three times in a row.  January 6th saw two unlocks across a game and an app, Twitch (X1) kicked off the day with Talent Scout (0G) for watching 10 hours of live video on channels with less than 10 viewers.

Award WinnerEasy StreetThe first Windows 8 action of the year came in the form of Microsoft Jackpot which started with the solo unlock of Easy Street (5G) for using autoplay 10 times in a row. January 7th saw the return of Zoo Tycoon (X1) with a quintet of unlocks starting with Award Winner (5G) after receiving an award.

ChallengerResearch WarrantResearch Warrant (5G) unlocked after researching an item which led to the popping up of Challenger (5G) for completing a challenge.

Smooth Over the CracksHappy Animal FriendsHappy Animal Friends (10G) soon unlocked after keeping average animal happiness in the green for 20 minutes and this was accompanied by Smooth Over the Cracks (5G) for repairing an attraction or enrichment.

Earning a LivingBest Viewer NA in TwitchThe session continued into the following day which included a brief stop on Twitch (X1) for the unlock of Best Viewer NA (0G) for watching over 100 hours of live video on Twitch before 17 further unlocks came on Zoo Tycoon starting with Earning a Living (5G) after earning $100,000.

Research PartyNumber 1 ContenderNumber 1 Contender (25G) unlocked after completing 25 challenges and led to the popping up of Research Party (10G) for researching 10 items.

Close to the AnimalsMultiple Award WinnerMultiple Award Winner (25G) unlocked after receiving five awards in the same zoo before Close to the Animals (15G) popped up for completing all three interactions with the animals. 

Go ViralAnimal LoverAnimal Lover (5G) unlocked after making an animal completely happy and was soon followed by Go Viral (20G) for having a successful Viral Advertising campaign.

The ConcessionerGuestaliciousGuestalicious (15G) checked in after reaching a guest rating of 10,000 in the zoo before The Concessioner (10G) popped up after building every type of concession in the same zoo.

I'm a Millionaire!Snap HappySnap Happy (10G) flashed in after filling a photo album and led to the cashing in of I'm a Millionaire! (10G) for earning $1,000,000. 

Have You Seen this Guy?!Phase One CompletePhase One Complete (5G) unlocked after completing a scenario before Have You Seen this Guy?! (25G) popped up for breeding a colour variant of an animal.

CustomizerWorld Heavyweight ChampWorld Heavyweight Champ (50G) powered in after completing 100 challenges before Customizer (10G) popped up for customising 50 different attractions.

Red Hot ResearchAre your Legs Tired?Are your Legs Tired (25G) walked in after running a total of 10km before Red Hot Research (25G) mixed in after researching every possible item.

ConservationalistShower TimeThe session continued into the next day with a further three unlocks starting with Shower Time (15G) for completing 25 hose interactions before Conservationalist (75G) popped up after releasing one of every animal type into the wild.

You've got the Skills in Zoo TycoonTime for a Tire ChangeTime for a Tire Change (25G) sped in after driving 25km and the next day saw a single unlock on the game in the form of  You've got the Skills (25G) for completing five scenarios.

A Multimillionaire, Who's Also a NinjaThe Zoo TycoonThe session carried on into January 11th with a trio of unlocks beginning with The Zoo Tycoon (60G) for receiving all 20 awards in the same zoo which came alongside A Multimillionaire, Who's Also a Ninja (25G) for earning $10,000,000.

Bettin' Man in Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8)Top of the ChartsTop of the Charts (50G) ended the session by unlocking after increasing Fame level 100 times. Later in the day, Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) featured a single unlock in the shape of Bettin' Man (5G) for using five different bet amounts in consecutive spins.

Siege of Ivory Tower in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionOperation Completion in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionJanuary 12th saw the first play of Halo: The Master Chief Collection featuring a duo of unlocks starting with Operation Completion (5G) for completing a Spartan Ops mission which was accompanied by Siege of Ivory Tower (5G) for listening to a hidden music cue in Halo 2.

Boom! Level 25!Best in Class in TitanfallJanuary 13th began with a stint on Titanfall (X1) which saw me play online alongside Gamerscore WR holder Stallion83 and unlock Best in Class (25G) for finishing as the top player on my team. Later in the day, UNO & Friends (Win 8) featured a quartet of unlocks starting with Boom! Level 25! (10G) for reaching level 25.

Be the UNO! Level 50!Boom! Level 100!Boom! Level 100! (20G) popped up for after reaching level 100 and was accompanied instantly by Be the UNO! Level 50! (10G) for reaching level 50.

Put Up Your Dukes in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionWild Child!
The day ended with the unlocking of Wild Child! (10G) for playing a total of 50 Wild Draw Four Cards.  January 14th began with a quick stop on Halo: The Master Chief Collection (X1) featuring a trio of unlocks starting with Put Up Your Dukes (10G) for 25 melee kills in multiplayer.

Game On in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionLegend Slayer in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionLegend Slayer (10G) popped up for killing an opponent carrying the Legendary Anniversary achievement and was soon followed by Game On (10G) for completing 50 missions or multiplayer games.

Wastelands Gold in Royal Envoy 2 Special Edition (Win 8)Later in the day, I had a quick go on Royal Envoy 2 (X1) which saw a single unlock in Wastelands Gold (10G) for completing all levels of the Wastelands with three stars.