Friday, 30 January 2015

2014 Achievement Chase Ends In Style

After a record breaking year of gaming, the final day of 2014 ended with one more successful goal completed in the form of an achievement on 200 different games which came after a last-gasp run of 41 unlocks across 22 games on December 31st.

Vanity platesSafety FirstThe day began on Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8) which saw a trio of unlocks starting with Safety First (10G) for completing a run without taking damage with Vanity plates (10G) popping up after buying a new license plate.

Did I do that? in Assassin's Creed RogueSpeed FreakSpeed Freak (5G) unlocked at the end of the session after driving at a speed of 230KM/H and was followed by Did I do that? (20G) which unlocked during a quick stop on Assassin's Creed Rogue (X360) for completing Present 1.

Down in the BrineyA Long Time Ago in Assassin's Creed UnityAnother quick stop followed on Assassin's Creed Unity (X1) with the solo unlock of A Long Time Ago (10G) for completing the Prologue. Next up was a session on Bioshock Infinite (X360) which saw a total of eight unlocks beginning with Down in the Briney (25G) for riding a Bathysphere in Burial at Sea.

Going PlacesBreak the Ice
Break the Ice (10G) unlocked after shattering five enemies via Old Man Winter before Going Places (25G) drove in after riding the Tram in Burial at Sea.

Snowball EffectCook and Serve
Cook and Serve (10G) delivered after exploding five enemies via Radar Range which was soon followed by Snowball Effect (10G) for freezing two enemies with Old Man Winter.

Burial at SeaFully EquippedFully Equipped (10G) unlocked after purchasing two upgrades for either Old Man Winter or Radar Range with Burial at Sea (50G) soon popping up for completing Burial at Sea. 

Invaders Must Die in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360)Friendly SkiesThe final unlock of the session came on another part of the game in the form of Friendly Skies (25G) for defeating all waved in the OPS Zeal. Continuing alphabetically, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (X360) saw a single unlock in the form of Invaders Must Die (10G) for completing Lost Legion Invasion.

The Future Is NowBird on the Ground in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare A quick stop on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (X360) also saw a single unlock in the form of Bird on the Ground (20G) for shooting down an enemy helicopter with an RPG. The afternoon began with some exercise on Dance Central Spotlight (X1) resulting in a duo of unlocks starting with The Future Is Now (15G) for logging in.

Precision DrivingNow Introducing…
Now Introducing (10G) unlocked after completing the introduction to Dance Central Spotlight and the chase moved on to F1 2011 (X360) which saw a quartet of unlocks starting with Precision Driving (30G) after completing a clean race.

Do it YourselfThey're on Which Buttons?They're on Which Buttons? (20G) unlocked after winning a race without the aid of KERS or DRS leading to the popping up of Do it Yourself (20G) for winning a race using manual gears. 

Beat yourselfIs Jenson going to pass or not?
The session ended with the unlocking of Is Jenson going to pass or not? (15G) for winning the Turkish Grand Prix in the guise of Lewis Hamilton. Continuing the sporting theme, FIFA 08 (X360) featured with a trio of unlocks starting with Beat Yourself (0G) for scoring two own goals in a single game.

Scruffysocks scoresCompetition WinnerScruffysocks scores (20G) unlocked after scoring a hat-trick with a created player and soon led to the popping up of Competition Winner (20G) for winning a created tournament.

Lapper in Forza Motorsport 3Packing Bags in FIFA 13A quick stop on FIFA13 (X360) saw a single unlock in the form of Packing Bags (15G) after going out on loan to another club as a Pro. Another quick stop took place on Forza Motorsport 3 (X360) with a single unlock in the form of Lapper (10G) for completing a time trial.

SHHBLAMO!Show Off in Forza Motorsport 4The third stop-off saw a go on Forza Motorsport 4 (X360) and the solitary unlock of Show Off (10G) for uploading a move to The sporting session ended on Freefall Racers (X360) with a quintet of unlocks starting with SHHBLAMO! (10G) after using a power up.

One Giant LeapUnderdogOne Giant Leap (10G) unlocked after winning a race, a victory that led to the popping up of Underdog (40G) for winning a race after being in last place.

One Tiny Step
The Honor Roll One Tiny Step (10G) unlocked after finishing a race and was soon followed by The Honor Roll (10G) after finishing a race without using a power up.

Theatrical PursuitsShot to the goon. in LEGO BatmanA trio of Lego debuts began with LEGO Batman (X360) and the solo unlock of Shot to the goon. (10G) after defeating eight goons in eight seconds. Next up was LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (X360) with the solo unlock of Theatrical Pursuits (25G) for completing the first story level.

Memory AdeptPursuers in the Sewers
The trilogy ended with LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (X360) and the solo unlock of Pursuers in the Sewers (20G) for completing the story level of the same name. Next up was a quick go on Magic: The Gathering-Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (X360) with the solo unlock of Memory Adept (5G) for entering the deck manager.

Out of the Frying PanTo Hell and Back
After a session back in January, I returned to Terraria (X360) and scored the unlock of To Hell and Back (20G) for travelling to and from The Underworld without dying which took a huge effort. A quick go on The Walking Dead (X1) saw the solo unlock of Out of the Frying Pan (20G) after breaking off handcuffs.

Welcome to FabletownOedipal ComplexAfter a long wait on the shelf, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (X360) finally debuted with a solo unlock in the form of Oedipal Complex (5G) for completing the first location. Another debut came in the shape of The Wolf Among Us (X360) and the single unlock of Welcome to Fabletown (10G) for completing the first chapter of Episode 1.

Everyone's got to Start Somewhere in Zoo TycoonThe final note on what became my best ever day of unlocking at 41 came on Zoo Tycoon (X1) in the form of Everyone's got to Start Somewhere (10G) for starting my first zoo.

In a year that has been amazing and the stuff of dreams at times, it was truly fitting that the best month of the year was the final one as December smashed the record for unlocks in a month by becoming the first to pass 200.

December 2014 (2013 in brackets)

218 Achievements unlocked (193)

79 Games played  (44)

8535 TA points (5099) 

5192 Gamerscore (3520)

A truly stunning month that stands out with the statistic of 79 games played which is a full 35 better than 12 months previous.

The year as a whole surpassed all record to become the 'My Best Ever Gaming Year' with the primary trio of records coming in the form of 1652 achievements (prev. 1052), 51,932 TA points (prev. 25,593) and 32,047 G (prev. 19,570).

Due to being the best year overall, 2014 featured a total of 30 milestones including...
  • Completed games- 30 (Apr), 35 (Jul) and 40 (Dec)
  • Achievements won- 4,750 (Feb), 5,000 (Apr), 5,250 (Jun), 5,500 (Sep), 5,750 (Nov) and 6,000 (Dec)
  • TA score- 120,000 (Jan), 125,000 (Mar), 130,000 (May), 135,000 (Jun), 140,000 (Aug), 155,000 (Nov), 160,000 (Nov) and 165,000 (Dec)
  • Gamerscore- 85,000 (Jan), 90,000 (Mar), 95,000 (Jun), 100,000 (Aug), 105,000 (Oct) and 110,000 (Dec)
So overall a great 2014 that hopefully leads to an even better 2015!