Saturday, 31 January 2015

Backlog Catch Up Complete

Ranger DangerAfter a huge effort to catch up the blog, this post sees me draw level with the current day but first I have to resume from January 26th which saw a session on Project Spark (Win 8) featuring six unlocks starting with Ranger Danger (10G) for reaching level 10 with Scarlett.

It’s Alive
Raging GoblinRaging Goblin (10G) unlocked after reaching level 10 with Karlsnor and was followed by It's Alive (5G) for creating a controllable character.

Brains?Assembled! Assembled (5G) unlocked for placing my first assembly with Brains? (5G) popping up after saving my first brain.

On Your WayBraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinsBraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins (5G) unlocked after loading my first brain and completed the day's action.  The session carried on into the next day with two unlocks starting with On Your Way (5G) for completing a tutorial module.

Hippo Hero in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionAssemble!
Assemble! (5G) unlocked after saving the first assembly and later in the day, I went on  Halo: TMCC (X1) which featured a single unlock in Hippo Hero (5G) for spotting the Hippo toy.

Free Food!Milk Carton in Halo: The Master Chief CollectionJanuary 28th saw the Halo: TMCC (X1) session resume with the unlocking of Milk Carton (5G) for spotting a missing person bulletin on Floodgate. Later in the day, I went on Total Conquest (Win 8) featuring two unlocks
starting with Free Food! (10G) for stealing 10,000 food from other players.

WHO'S NEXT?Barracks Boss in Total Conquest (Win 8) Barracks Boss (10G) unlocked after building two Barracks and completed the day's action. January 29th began with a brief stop on Asphalt 8 : Airborne (Win 8) featuring two unlocks starting with WHO'S NEXT (10G) after executing 25 knockdowns.

SurvivorCLEAN WINCLEAN WIN (20G) unlocked after winning a race using Nitro and later in the day, I gave a debut to Another World (X1) which saw all 12 achievements unlocked in one sitting becoming my 44th completed game.  The haul began with Survivor (50G) for avoiding the opening monster.

Mega shootFirst shieldFirst Shield (25G) unlocked after protecting from lasers and was followed by Mega shoot (50G) for destroying an obstacle.

Secret UFOExplorerExplorer (50G) unlocked for getting vertigo from beyond the grave and soon followed by Secret UFO (100G) for escaping the cage but not the UFO. 

DeterminationWarriorWarrior (50G) unlocked after arming my character before the popping up of Determination (100G) for succeeding.

CowboyEscape waterEscape water (75G) unlocked for sprinting away successfully from the chasing water before Cowboy (75G) unlocked for making Clint proud.

GladiatorFree fallFree fall (75G) unlocked after splashing to death before Gladiator (150G) popped up for sealing glory in the Arena.

Last battleThe final unlock came in the form of Last Battle (200G) for becoming invincible by completing the game.

I Did It!Super StarThe catch-up is complete and the post ends with yesterday's unlocks starting with a go on Total Conquest (Win 8) featuring the unlock of Super Star (10G) unlocked for acquiring 50 stars in the campaign. Later on, I gave a debut to Riptide GP2 which saw six unlocks starting with I Did It! (15G) for winning an event.

Call Me PicassoMechanicMechanic (15G) unlocked for upgrading a Hydro Jet which was soon followed by the popping up of Call Me Picasso (15G) for painting a Hydro Jet.

Destructive TendenciesStill CountsStill Counts (30G) unlocked for winning a race without a rider on the Hydro Jet which was followed by Destructive Tendencies (15G) for smashing a bridge in the Factory Shift event.

It's a Secret to EverybodyIt's a Secret to Everybody (60G) unlocked after finding the hidden Easter Egg and ended the session.