Sunday, 25 January 2015

Backlog Catchup Part Two

Let Off Some Steam, BennettShield Gots My BackThe backlog resumes with Boxing Day which saw six different games across the day resulting in ten unlocks overall with the day starting with a stint on Volgarr the Viking featuring a trio of unlocks beginning with Shield Gots My Back (50G) after blocking an attack with the shield while on a rope/chain. Let Off Some Steam, Bennett (50G) popped up after killing four enemies with a single charges spear attack. 

Nothing Can Stop MeNothing Can Stop Me (50G) unlocked after blocking a projectile with the shield while in the air. Next up was a quick stop on Strike Suit Zero and the single unlock of Shoot The Moon (70G) for basically shooting the moon. 

In ControlSuper Sonic
A quick stop on Sonic Adventure saw a completion of the story mode leading to the unlocking of Super Sonic (20G) for clearing all character stories. Continuing on the SEGA theme, I went on SEGA Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co. and earned a trio of unlocks beginning with In Control (20G) for riding one minute in Super Hang-on without taking damage.

The Goal Is Just the BeginningTotally Radical!Totally Radical! (15G) unlocked after riding for 10 seconds on turbo in Super Hang-on with the stint ending with the popping up of The Goal Is Just Beginning (25G) for finishing a course in Super Hang-on. 

Orchid's JaguarStylish OrchidThe day ended with a debut for Killer Instinct which featured two opening unlocks in the form of Stylish Orchid (10G) for purchasing a skin for Orchid and Orchid's Jaguar (10G) for hitting an opponent with a Jaguar while in instinct mode with Orchid. 

Gettin' SuperComplete ChaosDecember 27th saw three more games ticked off the list of which two resulted in game completions putting me to 43 overall. The day began with Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and the solitary unlock of Complete Chaos (25G) for collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds which brought the game to 100% completion and was my first ever Sonic complete as can be seen in the video. Sonic & Knuckles also saw a single unlock in Gettin' Super (25G) for collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds can be seen in the below video.

Versus vs VersusExplodonator
Next up was a stop on Plants vs. Zombies which saw two unlocks starting with Explodonator (20G for blasting 10 zombies with a single Cherry Bomb. Versus vs Versus (15G) popped up for winning a streak of five games in VS mode.

Danger ZoneSchool's OutDecember 28th saw five more games ticked off starting with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD featuring two unlocks in the form of School's Out (5G) for unlocking School II and Danger Zone (5G) for unlocking the Hangar. 

Gender Bender in Skate 2Streak on the Flag 
Continuing the skating theme, I went on Skate 2  and earned a single unlock in the form of  Gender Bender (5G) for changing the skater's gender. Next up was Minesweeper Flags and the single unlock of Streak on the Flag (20G) for winning 10 games in a row in Flags Mode.

It's Really Easy!Hollywooding
A quick stop on Full House Poker  saw a single unlock in the form of Hollywooding (5G) for honing my acting skills by performing 10 aggressive or timid plays. The final game of the day was F1 2014 which debuted with eight unlocks starting with It's Really Easy! (10G) for successfully completing the Evaluation test.

Squeaky CleanBack In TimeBack In Time (10G) unlocked after using a Flashback and was soon followed by Squeaky Clean (10G) for setting a clean lap time in Time Trial. 

The First Of Many?It's About TimeIt's About Time (10G) unlocked after setting a time in a Time Attack scenario and was swiftly joined by The First Of Many? (10G) for earning a medal in Scenario Mode.

Challenge AcceptedNow Or NeverNow Or Never (10G) unlocked after setting a valid lap time in One-Shot Qualifying which soon led to the popping up of Challenge Accepted (10G) for completing the first race in Season Challenge. 

UninsurableStepping UpThe session ended with the unlocking of Stepping Up (10G) for winning my first race in Season Challenge. December 29th saw four more games played starting with Skate 2  and the single unlock of Uninsurable (20G) for breaking 100 bones in career mode. 

Jump for Joy!Ready for DutyWorld At Arms debuted with a single unlock in the shape of Ready for Duty (25G) for successfully completing training. A quick stop on Sonic Generations saw a single unlock in the form of Jump for Joy! (10G) for finding the spring hidden in Green Hill Act 1 before reaching the goal with a Red Star Ring. 

VapoursGreat Britain ExpertThe day ended with a brief go on F1 Race Stars featuring two unlocks starting with Great Britain Expert (10G) after winning a Great Britain event at 3,000c followed by Vapours (25G) for winning a refuelling event with an empty tank. 

Smile On Your Brother in A World of KeflingsOceania Qualifier in 2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaDecember 30th saw five further games ticked off starting with 2010 FWC and a single unlock in the form of Oceania Qualifier (20G) for qualifying for the 2010 FWC as a team from Oceania. Next up was A World of Keflings and the single unlock of Smile On Your Brother (10G) for receiving collectibles from a friend. 

Special Delivery in Assassin's Creed: BrotherhoodTiny Eagle in Angry Birds TrilogyA quick stop on Angry Birds Trilogy saw the solitary unlock of Tiny Eagle (15G) for scoring 100% on five levels as an Eagle. Next up was a stop on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and the single unlock of Special Delivery (20G) for double assassinating from a parachute.

Mano-A-Mano in Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTYThe day ended with a brief go on Batman: Arkham Asylum and the single unlock of Mano-A-Mano (10G) for defeating Titan henchman without the use of Batarangs.