Thursday, 10 April 2014

FIFA14 Done As WSOP Begins

Pro player in FIFA 14 (Win 8)Finally, I have completed a FIFA game in finishing FIFA14 on Windows 8 with the final achievement of Pro Player (10G) unlocking after playing 100 matches which is very difficult when there is only mouse/touch controls but all in all it means my 29th completion.

The Odds Are Against ItGet A Good ReadAs one game finishes, another begins as WSOP-Full House released for free on Windows 8 and after a short session I came away with seven unlocks which began with Get A Good Read (5G) for zooming in on a player at the table and was followed by The Odds Are Against It (15G) for folding on the turn with four cards out of a straight, luckily it didn't matter.

Mano a ManoAaron Has Left the BuildingAaron Has Left The Building (10G) unlocked for defeating the first Pro in Single Player Pro Takedown Tournament instantly followed by Mano a Mano (10G) for winning a Heads-Up Tournament.

MultitaskerStay InformedStay Informed (5G) unlocked for visiting the News tab while Multitasker (5G) popped up for customising my Avatar while at a table.

Window Shopper
The night ended with Window Shopper (10G) unlocking for going directly to Featured Items.