Sunday, 13 April 2014

5000 Achievements Unlocked

After just under six years and nine months, finally I have reached on of my original goals of 5000 achievements which came with my final unlock of the day but more on that later.

MONSTER TRUCK MADNESSGargantuan Task in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox One)The day began with a session on Plants v Zombies GW and the unlocking of Gargantuan Task (20G) for vanquishing a Gargantuar in Garden Ops mode. Later on I went on a new game on Windows 8 via the sale - Asphalt 7:Heat and got four early unlocks beginning with MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS (10G) for performing one Unstoppable during a single Adrenaline mode.

GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELPTIGHT REPTIGHT REP (10G) unlocked for reaching REP rank 5 while GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP (5G) popped up for using five sponsors.

Awesome You!SHARE THE PAINThe session ended with SHARE THE PAIN (10G) for sharing on Facebook three times and was soon joined by another new game this time the newly released Kinect Sports Rivals which during a 90 minute session saw ten unlocks beginning with Awesome You (10G) for creating my own Champion.

Race WinnerJump the SharkJump the Shark (20G) unlocked for performing a no-handed trick in a Wake Racing event which was soon followed by Race Winner (20G) for winning my first Wake Racing event.

Summit WinnerQuick DrawSummit Winner (20G) unlocked for winning my first Climbing event with Quick Draw (20G) popping up for shooting three Bullseyes in three seconds on a Target Shooting event.

Super SaverCrack Shot WinnerCrack Shot Winner (20G) unlocked for winning my first Target Shooting event while Super Saver (20G) popped up for saving five shots in a Soccer event.

Striker WinnerStar PlayerStar Player (20G) unlocked for filling up the Power-up meter seven times in the Soccer event with Striker Winner (20G) popping up for winning my first Soccer event.

Ten Pin WinnerThe big moment I alluded to earlier came in the form of Ten Pin Winner (20G) for winning my first Bowling event and as it was the 5000th official achievement (without apps) it was the best place to end the day