Sunday, 13 April 2014

AlphaJax Spells With Plants V Zombies GW

Superintendent in AlphaJax (Win 8)After an update reset all of the stats on AlphaJax, I went on and unlocked a previous unobtainable in the shape of Superintendant (10G) for having an average score above 20 after ten words.

No Teleporting AllowedGarden DioxideLater in the day I went on Plants v Zombies GW and scored three unlocks beginning with Garden Dioxide (15G) for vanquishing two players with a single ZPG strike as a Soldier while No Teleporting Allowed (10G) popped up for destroying a Teleporter in Gardens and Graveyards as a Plant.

Consume ThisThe night ended with Consume This (20G) for using ten revive consumables and putting me close to my goal of 5000 achievements (excluding apps) of course.