Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cut The Rope/Secrets And Treasures

Weight LoserBubble PopperA session on Windows 8 began with Cut The Rope with four unlocks beginning with Bubble Popper (5G) for popping 50 bubbles while Weight Loser (5G) unlocked for losing the candy 50 times.

Spider Buster 
Silver ScissorsSpider Buster (5G) crept up after outsmarting 40 spiders with Silver Scissors (10G) sliced in for collecting 150 stars.

Medals for Everyone!'X' Marks the Spot!Another new game on Windows 8 and as always a free one in the form of Secrets and Treasures - The Lost Cities  and I scored three unlocks in an hour of playing beginning with 'X' Marks the Spot! (5G) unlocking for discovering the first Map piece. Medals for Everyone! (5G) popped up after upgrading a crew member for the first time. 

We Call This "Archaeology"...We Call This "Archaeology" (10G) unlocked after collecting 50 keys and ended the night's session.