Tuesday, 22 October 2013

X360 Weekender (4) Day Three

As midnight struck it meant that the fourth X360 Weekender had come to a close and what a record breaking weekend it was, not only did I break the daily unlock record on Sunday but on day three I scored 22 unlocks including a game completion while breaking past 600 achievements and 14k TA for 2013.

A taste of everythingWestern 101 in Six-Guns (Win 8)Six-Guns on Windows 8 began the day with the solitary unlocking of  Western 101 (10G) for completing the tutorial mission and then it was off to bed.Later in the afternoon, I played Family Guy but no unlocks so I moved on to Dead Island which I hadn't played before and after two hours of gameplay, I wondered why as it is an amazing game. I scored three unlocks beginning with A taste of everything (25G) for killing zombies with ten different melee weapons.

Steam PunkWarranty Void if UsedWarranty Void if Used (10G) unlocked for customising a weapon while Steam Punk (30G) popped up for creating weapons to rival the gods of fire and thunder.

ShopaholicShopaholicSaints Row saw a comeback with two unlocks beginning with Demo Demon (10G) after completing all levels of Demolition Derby and Shopaholic (10G) cashed in for acquiring 100 clothing and jewelry items for my single player wardrobe.

Two out of ThreeChain GangThe Walking Dead until March was a completed game of mine but new DLC took that away so I decided to get the completion accolade back and with eight unlocks for 100G, I was successful and the success began with Chain Gang (10G) for completing Vince's chapter and was soon followed by Two out of Three (15G) for winning a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors.
AbandonerAbandoner (10G) appeared for completing Wyatt's chapter which was then added to by Reunited (10G) for finding an old friend.

Who Goes There?Friends Like TheseFriends Like These (10G) unlocked for completing Russell's chapter while Who Goes There? (10G) came in for completing Bonnie's chapter.

Loose EndsParadise LostParadise Lost (10G) unlocked for completing Shel's chapter and completing the game was Loose Ends (25G) tied up the 48th achievement on the game for completing the Epilogue.

Likes the DrinkHallelujah!The final game of the weekend was Worms 2 which saw eight unlocks beginning with Hallelujah! (10G) unlocked for deploying the fabled Holy Hand Grenade while Likes the Drink (15G) surged in for killing 170 worms via the water.

Get Your Lob OnSix PestSix Pest (10G) unlocked for killing six enemy worms in a single turn and Get Your Lob On (20G) flew in for winning a game by only using grenades.

Armageddon an AwardProd for VictoryProd for Victory (10G) poked in for winning a game using the Prob while Armageddon an Award (5G) bombed in for using the Armageddon weapon ten times.

FireStarterOldest Swinger in Town Oldest Swinger in Town (20G) swung in for using the Ninja Rope 1000 times and closing the weekend was Firestarter (10G) for using fire weapons 200 times.

So an amazing weekend including two out of three days with 20+ unlocks which now sit first and fourth in my overall best days and a stunning total of 54 achievements over the three days is spectacular along with 665G. This brings the overall Weekender hauls to 139 achievements and 2330G meaning an average of 17G per achievement and on that successful note I bow out until the next unlock which could come from anywhere.