Wednesday, 16 October 2013

F1 2013 Laps While Rayman Legends Jumps In

Medal of Honour Achievement in F1 2013The Heat is On Achievement in F1 2013F1 2013 continued with a browse of the various modes which included a go on Season Challenge and saw the unlock of The Heat Is On (10G) for setting a valid time in One Shot Qualifying and Medal of Honour (10G) for earning a medal in Scenario mode.

Perfect!Turnip comboFinally, I got around to playing Rayman Legends for the first time and scored ten achievements beginning with Turnip Combo (10G) for pulling up a turnip with a crush attack and hitting it with a jump kick, Perfect (10G) followed for earning all three lums cups and all three Teensy cups on a painting.

Axe skaterBarbara's Free!Barbara's Free! (10G) unlocked for freeing the Barbarian princess while Axe Skater (10G) chopped in for sliding on Barbara's axe for 30 metres after selecting her from the Heroes gallery.
This ain't a platform!
Rock that castle!This ain't a platform (10G) unlocked for standing atop an enemy shield until being attacked while Rock that castle! (10G) popped up for completing the Castle Rock painting.

Lucky!Bad jokeLucky (10G) unlocked for scratching ten lucky tickets and soon Bad Joke (10G) popped up for destroying the parachutes of five enemies causing them to fall to their death.

NostalgiaJust kick it!Just kick it! (10G) unlocked for winning a Kung Foot game using a second controller as the opponent and Nostalgia ended the night by popping up after completing the first Back To Origins painting.

Legends in my view the best Rayman game I have played in the series due to the variance in the modes and levels especially the musical levels which had me both stunned and excited during the play through.