Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Saints Row IV Complete After DLC

Health InspectorRigging the RaceDue to the new DLC, Saints Row IV had to be re-completed by completing 'Enter the Dominatrix' and I needed five unlocks to achieve 100% and the success began with Rigging the Race (10G) for destroying all the pony carts in 'At the Races' while Health Inspector (10G) popped up for destroying all the polyps in 'Pop His Top'.

Bow to the Boss!Friend of the RaptorsBow to the Boss! (15G) unlocked for killing the Dominatrix in ' Escape the Dominatrix while Friend of the Raptors (20G) popped up for completing all five missions.

Walking the DinosaursThe final achievement needed for re-completion, Walking the Dinosaurs (10G) came in for spening 30 minutes with Chicken Ned's ancestor and with that Saints Row IV became my 21st completed game until the next DLC release of course.