Sunday, 20 October 2013

X360 Weekender (4) Day One

A free long weekend means the return of the X360 Weekender which sees me play as many games as I can while unlocking a lot of achievements but Saturday was a busy day and the random selection of games wasn't a kind one as only three achievements unlocked.

Egg Guru in Angry Birds TrilogyAngry Birds Trilogy began the day from 4.10-5.20pm and saw the unlocking of Egg Guru (10G) for completing ten Golden Egg levels and next was Bejeweled 2 and Bioshock which saw effort towards future achievements but not current unlocks.

Tic Tac ToeGrass RootsShift 2 Unleashed saw two unlocks beginning with Grass Roots (10G) for completing JR's Grass Roots event while Tic Tac Toe (10G) popped up for owning a Modern, Retro and Muscle car.