Friday, 4 September 2015

Watch Dogs/Killer Instinct Open September

Basest BaseFreewareA new month begins with the continuation of Watch Dogs (X1) across the first and second with five unlocks on the opening day. Basest Base (50G) began the run after completing every Gang Hideout with Freeware (100G) popping up after unlocking every Skill in the Skills Tree.

Darkness LoomsSanity CheckSanity Check (15G) unlocked after collecting all 8 Burner Phones and was swiftly followed by Darkness Looms (15G) after completing the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation.

Revoking Client PrivilegesSaturday Night SpecialSaturday Night Special (15G) ended the day by unlocking after the completion of the final mission in the Weapons Trade Investigation. The next day saw three further unlocks starting with Revoking Client Privileges (15G) for completing the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation.

Maya Novice in Killer InstinctEnd of Line in Watch_DogsThe aptly named End of Line (30G) completed the session by popping up after completing 40 Fixer contracts. The next day saw a last-gasp unlock come on Killer Instinct (X1) in the form of Maya Novice (20G) after reaching 30 fight challenges with Maya.