Friday, 20 November 2015

Sept/Oct Backlog Summaries

After a complete neglect of what is still my strongest blogging strand, the September and October summaries need to be done.


As the year reaches its final third, September saw a reasonable haul overall as it continued the run of 100+ unlocks in a month.

The main positives in the month were the milestones of 140,000 G and 7250 unlocks (without apps). In terms of numbers, September saw a total of 125 unlocks with a spread of 118 on Xbox One and a seriously low seven on the Xbox 360/Windows platforms.

Sadly, there were no completions this month but progress was made towards future ones with a haul of 2,425 G split 2,330 (X1) and 95 (X360/Win) coupled with 4,375 TA split at 4,184 (X1) and 191 (X360/Win).


After December 2014 claimed the title of 'Best Ever Month' with a 200+ unlock haul, thoughts of a new record were far from the focus when October began but very different when it ended.

A stunning month also featured a new 'Best Ever Day' on the 16th which saw 100 unlocks and over 2000 TA/G to smash the previous best from March 27th.

Numbers wise, a first ever 250+ in 252 unlocks saw a good split of 159 (X1) and 93 (X360/Win) with the latter being the best 'last gen' count of the year.

The TA also saw a record haul of 8,271 with a fairly imbalanced split of 6,382 (X1) and 1,889 (X360/Win) while completing the trio of success was a huge 5.495 G which was split 4,290 (X1) and 1,205 (X360/Win).

Of course, being the best month meant a lot of milestones being reached with the main successes being reaching 7,500 achievements, 145,000 G, 230,000 TA and the 40% completion rate which includes reaching 55 completions overall.

In terms of completions, October saw a quartet with the trio of The Walking Dead Season One (X1) and both versions of Season Two coming on the 100 unlock day of the 16th while Slice Zombies Kinect came on the 20th.