Friday, 4 September 2015

August Summary

After catching up a huge backlog with monthly summaries, August comes after the resuming of updates which will hopefully continue in the future.

After July set a new record for unlocks in  month, August saw a slow down while still continuing the 100+ unlocks across a month.

The biggest positive of the month was reaching a total of 1000 unlocks for the year as the milestone of 225,000 TA edged closer.

In terms of numbers, August saw a total of 126 unlocks with a split of 118 on the Xbox One and just eight on the Xbox 360/Windows platforms.

Sadly, there were no completions this month but progress was made towards future ones with a haul of 2,535 G split 2,395 (X1) and 200 (X360/Win) coupled with 5,573 TA split 5,256 (X1) and 317 (X360/Win).